Our Team

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Mr. Mubarak Khan

Founder & CEO

Mubarak carries with himself vast experience of handling major operations and helps the company with business acumen and forming alliances on corporate level. He works closely with the business development team driving the revenues for the company.

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Priyanka Rao


Priyanka carries with his rich IT / People management experience, helping the company attain the edge in providing niche and retain right talent pool. She takes part in required strategic management decisions policies for the company.

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Poonam Kothari


Poonam Kothari is a practitionar of accountanting, which is the measurement, disclousure of provision of assurance about financial informaton that helps managers, investors, tax authorities and others to make desicions about allcating resources.

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Syed a.a. Javed

Legal Cordinator

Sayed a.a. Javed is a co-ordinator. He reports to the secretary and general counsel. The incumbent provides first-level management of the legal operations in the office of the secretary and general counsel, with perticular emphasis in supporting the lawyers.