Hotel Management

Hotel Management System

The property management software offers a lot of benefits to the hotel management system. It provides an easy reservation and booking system and helps the hotel managers to generate reports in regards to the income and expenses of the operation any time of the day and from anywhere. Hotel management system comes with many benefits which you need to know to integrate the system into your hotel operation to adventure the opportunity to satisfy more customers without any problem.

When selecting a hotel, independent hoteliers should look for a system with the following core features:

• Hotel Property Management System
• Global Distribution
• Website Booking Engine

These features should all be part of the system's. And most importantly, they should be fully integrated within the system, so they can seamlessly work collectively to increase a hotel's operations, financial performance and ability to meet guest needs.

A hotel should streamline a property's most commonly executed tasks. Processing reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, guest/group management, tracking inventory, billing and reporting should be quickly and easily completed with a PMS featuring an easy-to-use interface and intuitive system design.

We covers front office related all requirements. We can track all guest records.

⇒ Hotel Status from the Main Screen
⇒ Guest Check In, Check Out Screen
⇒ Day Use Feature
⇒ Extra Charge posting and defining Extra Charge Package
⇒ Date wise Room Reservation Report
⇒ Advance deposit and refund option
⇒ Normal Billing and/or Group Billing including all services like Tariff Bill, Food Bill, Laundry Bill, Telephone Bill, Mini Bar Bill, Restaurant Billing and Miscellaneous Bill & Room Service Bill
⇒ Bill Settlement Facility with Room Credit
⇒ Daily Cash Report, Daily/Monthly Sales Report
⇒ Integrated Restaurant Billing Software

The Feature of Hotel management System

Booking and Reservation:
⇒ Since hotel management is mainly concern with the space of the visitors, it is the prime duty of the hotel management to provide the customers the right information about the status of the rooms in the hotel.
⇒ Manually handling of the reservation always leaves a room for errors.
⇒ In the manual setting there is more than one person to handle the front desk.
⇒ Since most of the reservation and booking goes from the front desk it is patent that confusion may crop up between front desk people in regards to the status of the room which could basket the hotel reputation.

Report Generation:
⇒ The hotel management software is that the hotel managers can easily path down the lists, record of the items and transaction taking place in the hotel.
⇒ This makes it a lot easier for the hotel managers to come to the income and expenses of the hotel.
⇒ More importantly it can generate reports within a click of the mouse.